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                       - SEALED TEAT FEEDING




The Haberman bottle is a patented product designed for children suffering from colic.

It is fitted with a special system that ensures that a baby does not swallow air, making it less likely to have colic. The bottle does not make a baby lazy and enables alternate feeding.






Teat full of milk

      - regardless of the tilt angle of the bottle

Unlike other bottles, in a Haberman bottle the teat forms a separate chamber, which stays fully filled with food all the time throughout feeding. Air is pushed into the bottle, does not get mixed with the food, which the baby sucks from the teat.

This prevents the baby from swallowing air.

The following diagram shows how the teat creates a separate chamber:

The food in the teat (A) is separated from the food in the bottle (B)

The teat is fitted with a special anti-colic system. It creates a separate chamber, which remains fully filled with food all the time throughout feeding, regardless of the angle of the feeding position. Air is pushed into the bottle and separated from the food, which the baby gets, so that it does not swallow air bubbles, thus reducing the risk of colic.

A small amount of food in the teat does not generate a high pressure, so that the food does not flow out from the teat by itself, but due to baby’s suckling. The baby needs to make appropriate effort into suckling.



1. Why, sometimes, does the filter fall out while the bottle is being assembled?

2. What should be done if after assembling the bottle milk from the teat goes back into the bottle?

3. Why does a baby, who when being fed from other bottles is happy, but after switching to a Haberman bottle

What is the difference between the Haberman anti-colic

bottle from other anti-colic bottles?

Easy assembly

                      - in response to Mums’ needs


When designing the bottle, the designers were guided not only by the need to alleviate the ailment such as colic, but equally by the needs of Mums looking for a bottle that is intuitive, easy to clean and quick to hygienically assemble, even at three o’clock in the morning.
















Here are some opinions after trials * of the bottle carried out in Poland:



I was really surprised when my daughter no longer needed a few breaks for burping while she was being fed, she stopped spitting up heavily, and most importantly the colic is gone for good!! I was sceptical, but, in the end, I was not disappointed. While being fed my baby suckles rhythmically and breathes freely through her nose. When I turn the bottle by 45 degrees, and, sometimes, by 90 degrees, I can clearly see that the flow of milk changes, because my baby suckles more vigorously and does not choke on the milk as it sometimes happens when she is eating too voraciously.
The bottle is easy to use (after reading the instruction manual), vents itself, the teat gets filled with milk by itself, so I don’t need to get worried that I may lose my attention and my baby will swallow air, but above all it actually has anti-colic properties. At last, I can relax and don’t have to see my baby suffering from pain. I am very pleased with this product and I will be more than happy to recommend it to my friends.




Sometimes, before I manage to put the bottle into my baby’s mouth, a minute has passed and the milk is everywhere but not in his mouth. And with this bottle? Wow! Nothing drips out :) For me, it is absolutely perfect! And the fact that the teat is always full, this is just amazing!!! I have never had a bottle like this! My son is too curious about the world to eat without fussing about, turns its head and looks around. We have always had a problem with his swallowing air.



What do we like about the bottle? Firstly, that while nursing the teat gets constantly filled with milk, regardless of the tilt angle of the bottle and that our baby doesn‘t swallow air. This allowed us to maintain a steady nursing rhythm. Without any break for venting the teat. Adaś suckles steadily, we can hear his swallowing the food, exactly in the same manner when he is being breastfed. His mouth nicely latches onto the teat. When I was using my previous bottle I had problems with my baby’s regurgitating milk while he was being fed. Adaś suckled on the teat, but some milk run down his chin. With this bottle this problem has disappeared altogether.



The launch of this bottle on the market will truly be a breakthrough in feeding of our babies. For me, the Haberman bottle provides relief for a tiny tummy that suffers from colic. We had been experimenting with various bottles for a long time, until we took part in the trial campaign of that bottle. For our son it has become his only and favourite bottle and we will definitely be using it for a long time. Its anti-colic system works 100%. Milk that gets into the teat doesn’t re-enter the bottle’s chamber, so that our baby doesn’t swallow air. Sealed teat feeding is a breakthrough in the fight against colic. Also, the bottle does not impede suckling on the breast, which enables mixed feeding. The bottle is suitable for milk as well as other thin drinks, such as water or juice. The soft teat does not clog or irritate swollen little gums during teething.


* trial of Haberman bottles carried out on a group of 30 infants aged 0 - 18 months.

Opinions on the UK market on the invention of Mandy Haberman can be found, among others, here:

Link to opinions


The Haberman bottle is a multiple award-winning product:

Prima Baby Awards 2015 - Bottles

Other awards

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