EasyStart Electric Breast Pump

Code: 12/201

A new generation of an electric Canpol babies Breast Pump for very efficient, thorough, and effortless milk expression.

It is provided with a three-stage adjustable suction force, following a natural, two-phase baby's suckling pattern. The start-up pattern reflects quick suckling stimulating milk letdown from breasts (stage 1), while natural and strong modes reflect slow and deep suckling (stage 2).


The three-stage adjustable suction force allows to adjust the suction force to individual needs of each Mum.



Delicate and efficient extraction is supported by silicone massaging shield stimulating milk letdown.



Two types of power supply (battery and mains) enable the use of the breast pump at home and when travelling.


 This way it effectively supports and controls lactation, protects breasts against milk stasis and helps to breastfeed during breast fullness.

It works very quietly, so you can fully relax during milk extraction.

Compatible with other accessories for feeding and milk storage. With an adapter attached, milk can be extracted directly to all Canpol babies wide- and narrow-neck bottles, and to milk storage containers.








The device is intuitive and very easy to assemble.

The set includes a milk storage container and a complete narrow-neck bottle.