Insulating walk bag

Code: 69/001

Small size, practical pockets and thermal insulation properties make Canpol babies bag combine the functionality of a purse with the advantages of a bottle insulator. Together with the Canpol babies changing mat it is a necessary accessory for walks and trips.


Double insulation coating made of neoprene and foam provides excellent thermal protection slowing down the cooling/heating process of the food in a bottle/cup. Depending on the initial food temperature and the weather conditions the bag keeps the food temperature up to 2 hours (it does not replace a thermos).

Comfortable and practical

- small size (only 27 cm in height)

- inside protected by a waterproof material

- equipped with practical pockets for accessories, daily care instruments and paraphernalia.

  • Inside: mesh pocket holding a bottle/cup in a fixed position and a zipped pocket for nappies or wipes
  • Outside: zipped pocket, which easily accommodates your wallet and keys.

- equipped with a wide, adjustable and removable shoulder strap for easy carrying and mounting the bag e.g. to the pram handle.