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Do I have to take special care of my baby's hygiene during teething?

Yes, because a teething baby puts everything in his mouth. All items the baby has contact with, such as toys and rattles, must be regularly and thoroughly washed. Take special care of teething rings which are an inseparable part of your baby's life during this period. Elastic teething rings can be scalded and teething rings with gel can be sterilised by pouring them cautiously with boiling water. Always check the package information first. Teething rings are made of different materials which affects the way they should be dealt with. In addition, wash your baby's hands a few times a day, and rub his gums with a wet cloth twice a day. Regardless of when it happens, when your baby's first milk-tooth appears brush it twice a day with a special finger toothbrush (put it on your finger, of course), made of silicone. For now, there's no need to use toothpaste - a baby so small can't spit it out yet.

Silicone toothbrush should be used for brushing first teeth and massaging gums already with small babies, even those that don't yet have teeth. The brush is designed to reach even the less accessible places. Special inserts allow the accurate massaging of gums. The brush teaches the child to take care of oral cavity hygiene. It also allows the parents to clean the baby's delicate gums/teeth without the risk of harming them which could be done by using a normal toothbrush, and discourage the child from brushing his teeth.


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