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How to soothe a crying baby?

Go through possible reasons for crying (you'll find suggestions in the section "Why does the baby cry") and try to eliminate them one by one.

If your baby is not crying out of excitement, you have changed his nappy and checked other possible reasons, and your baby is still crying his heart out, hold him in your arms, rock him and speak to him gently. You can also give him a soothing teat. However, don't give him the breast as a comforter whenever he starts to cry (unless he's crying out of hunger).

You can also switch on the soothing melody of a musical toy or mobile, which will help him relax and calm down, whereas the moving elements will draw his attention away from his discomfort (especially if he's crying out of boredom). Some newborns and babies are soothed by the sound of a hair-dryer or vacuum cleaner (it reminds them of the humming sound in the mother's womb). You can make a recording of such sound and then replay it when needed, or you can buy a special CD with sounds of the mother's womb, or just lay the baby down on your tummy.

If you suspect that your baby's crying is caused by having too many distractions around him, try to eliminate them. Don't carry him or rock him, but lay him in his cot. Draw the curtains in the room. You can hold his hand or put your palm on your baby, but don't stroke him or distract him in any way. He should calm down after few minutes. Sometimes the baby won't calm down when held in your arms but in the arms of the grandparents or your friends. He may feel your tiredness, strain or stress. Don't blame yourself for it. You have the right to feel tired, and change is good for your baby.

If soothing doesn't help, the baby refuses to eat and keeps on crying, have him checked by a doctor for intestinal or middle ear problems.


Mum of 2,5 year old Maksymilian, 8 years of professional experience

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